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Design Styles

BG is competent with several design styles that can be grouped into three main style categories:

Modern Design

Our modern, sleek interior design service offers a seamless blend of sophistication and functionality for both commercial and residential spaces.
With a keen eye for contemporary aesthetics, we create environments that are not only visually striking but also highly practical.

Our designs feature clean lines, minimalist elegance, and the strategic use of space to optimize functionality.

Whether it is a stylish office, a welcoming home, or any other space, our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients, ensuring that every project embodies modern elegance and practicality.

Cozy Design

Our cozy, warm, and colorful interior design service is exclusively tailored for residential spaces, creating homes that exude comfort and vibrancy.

We specialize in crafting interiors that envelop you in a soothing atmosphere, achieved through warm color palettes, plush textures, and inviting furnishings.

Vibrant accents and earthy elements infuse life into every room, fostering a sense of joy and tranquility.

From snug reading nooks to lively family areas, we transform houses into personal sanctuaries, reflecting your unique style and embracing the essence of cozy, warm, and colorful living.

Historical Design

Our interior design service specializes in evoking the rich historical vibes of bygone eras such as French and Italian Baroque, Renaissance, Moroccan, and Chinoiserie styles for both commercial and residential spaces.

With meticulous attention to detail, we transport you to a different time, infusing spaces with opulence, ornate details, and cultural charm.

Whether it’s a luxurious hotel lobby, an elegant home, or any other setting, our designs capture the essence of these historical styles, creating immersive environments that pay homage to the grandeur and beauty of the past.

About me

Batoul Haroun Gharaibeh

Designs & Artworks


Residential refers to areas or buildings primarily used for housing purposes.


Commercial refers to areas or properties that are primarily used for business or commercial purposes.


Furniture design refers to the process of creating and designing functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture pieces.


Landscape design is the captivating art of crafting nature's masterpiece right outside your door.


Art refers to the creative expressions chosen by artists with the aim of expressing human feelings, ideas and commerce.


E-Design is a design service that allows clients to purchase the complete design and set it up themselves with the help of the designer. This is convenient if you are in a different country or simply like to save on setup costs.

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Happy Clients

We are happy clients

Customers are highly pleased with my artistic and design work in general.

They say

Batoul is awesome! She helped me alot with decision making on what fits best for my space. We had initial talks about my preferences and she created a mood board with what exactly I was looking for. I was surprised from how fast she was with turning around the mood board! She included all the details, from the items, best discounted prices, and where I can find these items. She just made the whole procedure much easier!!

Zeina H.

They say

Batoul provided a landscape design that not only looks great on paper but also functional. She thought of it thoroughly as this is evident in how it perfectly suits my family & my needs. She cares for the little details during both design & execution which is what makes her work great.

Walid K.

They say

Batoul provided 2 E-Design guides for my bedroom & living room and included everything I could possibly need plus options to chose from. She made it so much easier for me to do the execution on my own as all I had to do was click the link in her guide & ''Add to cart''. And lets not mention how beautiful her choices were despite the budget I placed.

J. S

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